Monday, 27 July 2009

Government Financial Planning

A few random thoughts about financial planning, politics and me.

I care and I want my government to care about financial planning for our future.

I want to have confidence in my vote.

I want to share in the voice of my country and not have my money spent on stupid things.

I want to believe my leader fulfilled his service duties.

I want to believe he was elected in a fair way.

I want to believe the war reports and the war is not about oil (liquid money) or taking the media attention away from other important issues.

And I want to believe in the new McCarthyism against 'terror.'

I want to know people are not dying because of where I spend my money AND where my government spends my money.

I want the taxes taken out of my new job to support better public education and health.

I want to be kept informed.

I want to be certain of my leadership.

I care about my countries finances.